Service List - Prices Subject to Change

Acupuncture - Initial Exam, intake, treatment - $110

Acupuncture - Follow-up Visit - $60

Cupping - Add-on - $15

Needle Estimulation

TDP Light Therapy

Ear Seeds

Zyto Scans

Herbal Formulas

Essential Oils

CBD Oil/Patches/Ointments

Nutritional Supplements

Poke A Dot Acupuncture is located conveniently in the Spa at Legacy.  To book your appointment, please call Danielle at 714-328-6548 or email


My story is not much different than other patients I have heard about.

At one point in my life I owned a bakery. It was demanding, inspiring, and an awesome experience, but it also exacerbated some health problems that I had not taken care of previously. I grew up with bronchial asthma, eczema, allergies, and digestive issues, and I had seen many doctors for all of the issues over a span of 40 plus years. Stress from working my previous job as a CFO for a property management company, compounded my digestive issues which in turn compromised my immune system. The bakery further compromised my immune issues due to exposure to chemicals I had used for sanitation, as well as long hours, overworking myself, and not enough sleep. I sought out western medical doctors to help, but was constantly told it was a psychological problem, and when they finally did recommend treatments, it was with steroid medication.

A friend of mine recommended I try Chinese Medicine but I was skeptical and afraid of needles. How could this stuff possibly work? I asked myself, but nothing else was working so I gave it a shot. I then went to a wonderful acupuncturist in California twice a week for two months, and supplemented my visits with an herbal formula. I took this formula three times a day for two months.

Yes, after only two months the eczema on my hands, which was very severe, was gone and has since never returned. My allergies cleared up, and my asthma is so much better than it has ever been before.  And while I still struggle with stress, I now know how to better myself in certain situations. After this, I sold my bakery and went back to school to become a Chinese medical doctor. It took me seven years as a full time student, but it was worth the effort and hard work.

When I say Chinese medicine will help you, I know it will! I am proof of that! It may take some time, patience, dietary changes, and work on your part, but we will get you back on the road to a healthy and happy life!  

- Danielle Winchell